Subject: Information note about treatment of general personal data, in compliance with art. 13 of standard D. Lgs. n. 196/03
The standard decreto legislativo 30 June 2003, n. 196 establishes the right to protect anybody’s personal data. In compliance with this standard, our company, with the intention to treat your data, would like previously to inform you, in compliance with art. 13 of D. Lgs. n. 196/03, that any kind of treatment will be according to common rules of correctness, lawfulness, transparency and protection of your rights and your privacy.
We would like therefore to inform you that the treatment of your personal data will comply with the following regulations:
a) Treatment is intended for the following purpose: book-keeping and commercial management and communication
b) Treatment will be carried on by authorized personnel with the following procedures: Use of paper and computer managed archives.
c) Transmission of data is not mandatory
d) Not receiving your data will have the following consequences: Impossibility of order management and of any kind of commercial communication.
e) Subjects who could receive or in any case know and treat your data as responsible or authorized personnel are the following : Book-keeping, Financial and Commercial Department
f) Your personal data will never be transmitted to anybody without your previous authorization.
i) Your rights, as disposed and regulated by art.7 of D. Lgs. n. 196/03 here attached, can be protected claiming at the responsible of treatment.

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